Review of Max Reif's Journey from here to HERE

by Maria Radoje

I have always loved Max’s writing since I first met him in Myrtle Beach in 1996 and was invited to play cello at the opening of his art show, at which he also sang and read poems, and I was delighted to have an opportunity to read and review this book.

The book is divided into four parts: ‘The Journey,’ ‘A Bouquet for the Master,’ ‘Ghazals’, and ‘Prose Poems and Parables’. The Journey charts Max’s journey to find God, and encapsulates that bittersweet longing and desire which we experience along the way. The next chapter focuses on Max’s love for the Master, with the third chapter: ‘Ghazals’ continuing to explore the theme of love, though in the traditional format of the ghazal. ‘Prose Poems and Parables’ is a delightlfully imaginative ending to the book, charting pilgrimage, the love of the Sun for the world, and the arrival of Discourses on the internet in 2004!

To my mind Max at his best is capable of the most extraodinary image making - akin to a Hafiz or Rumi, instantly striking the heart of the reader with Love’s arrow. ‘Journey from here to HERE’ is a delightful addition to any Baba library and can be purchased from

Price: £5.70

Jai Baba, Maria Radoje



Note: More reviews should be out soon from GLOW INTERNATIONAL and LOVE STREET BREEZES.