review by Jim Migdoll


August/November, 2013

    Max Reif always lays bare his heart and soul in his poetry. That’s what you want in a poet isn’t it?! And if that same poet were able to challenge the readers’ intellect, prod the heart and tickle the funny bone: Well that’s a poet we’d wanna’ read … isn’t it?

     Max’s handles these three poetic tools quite handily. With lines such as these:

The price of inspired words is generally a broken heart.

Within this enigma lies the mystery of Art


     Or from the poem titled: Honeymoon

When life was in the Pink

and You were Food

and I was hungry …


     Max’s “conscious” journey with the Beloved began in 1971, and that long history of ups and downs is expressed so clearly and movingly in this little book (85 pages). A lovely book and it even has a happy ending! The last words from the last poem

Open all

Of Heavens doors and windows


And then keep flying


($9.01 USD from, which prints/delivers in Australia.)