this article appeared in THE MINDFUL WORD in November, 2013


Meher Baba devotional excerpts

selections and introduction by Erica Roberts of THE MINDFUL WORD

"Touching the Soul" (painting by the author, used as an illustration in THE MINDFUL WORD)
"Touching the Soul" (painting by the author, used as an illustration in THE MINDFUL WORD)


The Mindful Word’s Max Reif recently released a book filled with poems and short prose pieces devoted to Meher Baba, the modern-day spiritual guide who lived between 1894 and 1969. The title of the book, Journey From here to HERE, was taken from Baba himself. [note: Max Reif also contributes to THE MINDFUL WORD.]

Reif first heard of Meher Baba when his friend read him Baba’s obituary from the newspaper in 1969. He didn’t think of him again until 1971 when he went to visit another friend at work and saw a poster of Baba as a young adult on his friend’s wall. He asked his friend a few questions about the man and as his friend answered, Reif felt like he was getting lighter and when he glanced at his friend’s smile, he suddenly felt divine love around him. The love somehow felt pink to him, which is why the colour pink is mentioned so often throughout his book. It was after that powerful experience that Reif realized that Baba actually was a divinity, and he has worshipped him to this day. The following three poems, plus the two prose pieces included below have been excerpted from the book.


Every morning when I wake up
I wonder when I’ll really wake up.
It’s been years now and still no sign
of really dying and being born,
and like a pilgrim in the desert
I keep plodding on
looking for the only non-mirage there is,
the city called Love.

And how do I know this city exists?
In answer, my mind takes me back
to a small room long ago
and the broad smile of a friend
as he told me God is Love
and Who God is.

And as he spoke
and then stopped speaking,
his smile went on and on
and the room filled with a Presence,
and Time and Space collapsed
completely into Love
into which we both disappeared
yet remained.

And the Sun rose in its Glory,
and bathed me with its Light,
and fed me with its Honey
and Blessed me with its Sight,
and in the folds within my “robe”
for a moment I knew Truth,
as told of since the ancient days,
and I’d found Eternal Youth.

And my friends,
when I left that room
I sang a different song
and searched a different search,

for nothing I’d known before
could matter very much
once Time and Space
had given way to Love
like the thinnest membrane
parting to reveal
the vastest universe inside.

And I saw that what I’d known
had never been very real
but only stood to mark time
as we wind our way
to that Love
uniting all.