Author's Afterward

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the book you’ve just read. It contains some of the fruits of my 42 years with Meher Baba or perhaps more honestly, running after Him trying to find where He’s hidden and occasionally walking on air in the Intoxication He’s bestowed. I feel some of these poems, especially those in the first section, are the results of Grace. For an artist, Grace is the feeling that a Hand is holding the pen, brush, camera, instrument or body that is the vehicle of expression.


The book you have in your hand may someday become like a rare postage stamp: it’s the only poetry book I’ve ever seen in which the first poem starts on an even-numbered page. That is due to the combination of some error I made in pagination, and the deadline for getting the finished book to a certain event.


As I gathered the material for this book, I felt good about the quality of the poems and prose pieces I chose from years of files. There were a lot of surprises for me in the discovery, and I hope there will be for you in the reading.


In His Love,

Max Reif

July 30, 2013