Journey from here to HERE:

Poems and a Bit of Prose

by Max Reif

"I am a foundling. My Beloved has raised me from a child to a man.

Now the mysteries of manhood lie before me." —from the poem "Manhood"

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Journey from here to HERE made its appearance at the 3rd Annual Meher Baba Music Sahavas in Asheville, NC, in July, 2013. It includes poems from as long ago as the early 1980's--several favorites which felt like gifts from Baba--as well as many poems written recently.


The book consists of four parts:
Part I, "The Journey": seven of these "old favorites" that seem to somehow tell a very broad tale about Meher Baba's Love.
Part 2, "Bouquet for the Master": some twenty shorter poems of love, longing, and sometimes playfulness.
Part 3, "Ghazals": ten ghazals written in the "Francis Brabazon style" of rhymed couplets.
Part 4: "Prose-poems and Parables": a number of prose-pieces, including "The Mast's Discourse", which seem to work better in prose than in verse form.

The front cover is a photo of the tile that my wife Barbara and I painted together for the Meherabad Tile Wal, and which now hangs there as part of the wonderful display in the courtyard of the MPR Dining Hall.

Journey from here to HERE
 is now available online from Sheriar Books Online as well as from Meher Baba Books. You can also get it at Sheriar Books in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Meherabode Bookstore in Los Angeles, CA; and Searchlight Books in
Lafayette, CA. 

"Journey from here to HERE is a bouquet of love messages to the Beloved. Max puts his musical skills to work - or to play - in language crafted to amuse and entertain the Beloved in verse. It's up and down, of course, praise and complaint, but most of all it's the genuine outcry of a seriously playful heart."
--from a forthcoming review by Eric Solibakke